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Builders Skip (6 yard)

Equivalent to 70 – 80 Black Sacks

Useful for:- General building work and gardening

Builders Skip
6 yard Skip Dimensions*
Max Weight 6 Tonnes

*Dimensions are approximate.

Prices from:-


for a minimum of 1 weeks skip hire, include delivery and collection. Check if you need a

Do I need a Skip Permit?

Yes: Skip will be on the road.
No: Skip will be on your own driveway or garden.

Prices and times taken to get the permit vary from council to council and usually last 28 days.
Tom will sort this out for you if you need one and charges £80 or £85 for Bath The good news is that if the skip can go on your driveway or front garden then you do not need a Skip Permit.

Learn more about Skip Permits

Need something bigger?
How about a Large Builders Skip (the next size up)
It’s a 8 yard skip and priced from only £275.00 plus VAT

Get an up to date price

Prices can vary depending on your delivery area. Use the quote to get your skip hire price.

Call to book your 6 yard

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Call 0117 932 1960

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Allowed and Disallowed items

This is only a short list of the most common items that we take. Please call to confirm any particular item.

  • tick icon Furniture
  • tick icon Beds
  • tick icon Boilers
  • tick icon Carpets
  • tick icon Computers & Monitors
  • tick icon Computer Printers
  • tick icon Cooker
  • tick icon Desks
  • tick icon Sheds
  • tick icon Filing Cabinets
  • tick icon Garden Trimmings
  • tick icon Garden Shed
  • tick icon Greenhouses
  • tick icon Lawnmowers
  • tick icon Photocopiers
  • tick icon Musical Instruments
  • tick icon Radiators
  • tick icon Soil
  • tick icon Wood
  • tick icon Paper

These items are very expensive to dispose of because of special processing required.

  • £12* All Tyres
  • £15* Paint Cans
  • £10* TVs
  • £25* Food Waste (Bagged)
  • £15* Mattresses Single
  • £20* Mattresses Double
  • £45* Large Fridge
  • £35* Small Fridge
  • £P.O.A.* Labour:– Any extra time or labour required over 20 minutes

Follow these rules and avoid getting charged extra.

1. Do not move your skip.
If you move your skip, fill it up and is somewhere we can’t access it, we will charge for the labour to move it.
2. Please keep the area around the skip clear.
Our trucks require space to manoeuvre. Please ensure the area is clear.
3. Please let us know if the weight of your skip is heavier than you expected.
For example if you have more broken bricks or concrete than expected. This will ensure we send the right truck to you.
4. Over the wall? Over to you.
If we deliver the skip to your back garden over a wall or fence it may become very difficult when the skip is loaded to lift it high enough over your wall of fence. Any damaged caused is your responsibility.
5. Watch out for soft pavements.
We will try to avoid using the our truck’s stabilisers on a pavement. If we are obligated to do so then any damage will be the customer’s responsibility.
6. Level Loads only.
Overfilling a skip is not acceptable and won’t be collected.
Here’s why:–
• We can not transport an unsafe load that is a risk to other road users.
• If we can make the load safe and can transport it the extra waste will be charged for. Extra waste means extra cost of recycling.
So if in doubt get a bigger skip.

Extra Costs

Plasterboard – We expect and are happy to take a mixed load in your skip. But if the load contains more than 10% plasterboard then we reserve the right to charge an extra £50 depending on the size of the skip.

Next size up charge – Overloaded skips that we can make safe for the road will be charged at the next size up.

Wasted Journey Charge = £25.00 + VAT to £60.00 + VAT dependant on time wasted,
for when we are unable to deliver or collect a skip.

Extra Time Charge = £100.00 per week + VAT
Skips are collected after 1 week.
Skips, all sizes, kept for longer are charged at £100 + VAT per week rent.

We are not able to take these items.

  • Asbestos
  • Biological or Medical waste
  • Helium or oxygen gas bottles
  • Oil, petrol or diesel
  • Paint or paint cans (unless empty)
  • Raw meat or raw fish (unless packaged)
  • Toxic substances, noxious chemicals & solvents
  • Domestic refuse (unless bagged)

It’s so simple!

Step 1
phone us…

  • Book your 6 yard skip.
    We provides a fast, friendly and affordable Skip Hire for domestic and trade customers.

Step 2
fill your skip…

  • Fill your 6 yard skip up to a level load.
  • Most things are allowed but there are a few hazardous waste items not allowed, if in doubt let us know in advance.
  • Please check our list or give us a call if any doubt.

Step 3
collect & recycle…

  • We will collect your 6 yard after a minimum of 7 days.
  • Give us a call if your need a later or earlier collection.
  • Your skip goes back to our Yard for recycling. On average we recycles 92% of your waste.

Call to book your 6 yard skip.

Call 0117 932 1960

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