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Garage Clearance

Garage Clearance

Is your car sitting outside while your garage is full of unwanted junk that you haven’t looked at in years? Give Tom a call and get that garage cleared. Scrap metal items especially could mean a reduction in price

Garage Clearance

We will always:–

  • tick icon Provide a free quote
  • tick icon 2 Arrive on time
  • tick icon 3 Be friendly and polite
  • tick icon 4 Tidy up after, leaving no mess.

For garage rubbish removal costs check our prices page.


On Arrival

Driver will give you a price on arrival.

  • For mixed waste collection
  • Includes labour cost (up to 20 minutes)
  • Collection dates to suit you.
Available at: Yard 3a, Crown Industrial Estate, Crown Road Warmley, Bristol BS30 8JJ

Call now for Garage Clearance

Call 0117 932 1960

Tom’s is closed now. Please use the Contact form

Allowed and Disallowed items

This is only a short list of the most common items that we take. Please call to confirm any particular item.

  • tick icon Furniture
  • tick icon Beds
  • tick icon Boilers
  • tick icon Carpets
  • tick icon Computers & Monitors
  • tick icon Computer Printers
  • tick icon Cooker
  • tick icon Desks
  • tick icon Sheds
  • tick icon Filing Cabinets
  • tick icon Garden Trimmings
  • tick icon Garden Shed
  • tick icon Greenhouses
  • tick icon Lawnmowers
  • tick icon Photocopiers
  • tick icon Musical Instruments
  • tick icon Radiators
  • tick icon Soil
  • tick icon Wood
  • tick icon Paper

These items are very expensive to dispose of because of special processing required.

  • £12* All Tyres
  • £15* Paint Cans
  • £10* TVs
  • £25* Food Waste (Bagged)
  • £15* Mattresses Single
  • £20* Mattresses Double
  • £45* Large Fridge
  • £35* Small Fridge
  • £P.O.A.* Labour:– Any extra time or labour required over 20 minutes

We are not able to take these items.

  • Asbestos
  • Biological or Medical waste
  • Helium or oxygen gas bottles
  • Oil, petrol or diesel
  • Paint or paint cans (unless empty)
  • Raw meat or raw fish (unless packaged)
  • Toxic substances, noxious chemicals & solvents
  • Domestic refuse (unless bagged)

It’s so simple!

Step 1
phone us…

  • Tell Tom’s team about your waste, roughly how much you have and what it is,
  • Book one of Tom’s trucks to come to you, at a time that suits you.
  • Pay nothing now and one of Tom’s trucks will be on it’s way to sort your Garage Clearance.

Call 0117 932 1960

Step 2

  • Make sure the junk from your Garage Clearance is accessible.
  • When the truck arrives the driver will give you a price for removal.
  • Accept the price, and the junk will be taken away Or decide it’s not for you and pay nothing.

Step 3

  • Your junk goes back to Tom’s yard and recycling facility,
  • All rubbish is either hand or machine sorted for reuse or recycle,
  • You can relax knowing your waste is dealt with responsibly.