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Tom Can help you with:-

Office Clearance

Office Furniture, Computers, paper and card

Grab Crane Hire

4 Wheeler Grab Hire truck

Site Clearance

Building site, large plot of land, Tom will take away all your waste.

Builders’s Waste

If you are a tradesman, builder, roofer, plumber, or electrician Tom will take your waste away.

School Clearance

Desks, chairs, computers, monitors, paper, old equipment. Tom can take it away.


Sheds, outbuildings, walls. Tom can demolish and take away.

Skip Bag

Fill the bag yourself at your leisure, then we’ll take it away.


Type 1 Aggregate Crushed stone.

Recycle Centre

Drop off your junk, and recycleables at Tom’s Recycle Centre.

Drop Off Your Waste At:-

Need a Trade Account?

Contact Accounts

Call accounts and discuss opening a trade account with Tom. 0117 932 1960 Or Contact »