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toms yard

Waste Transfer Station

yard layout

No need to book.
Customers can just turn up to Tom’s Waste transfer station.
Got any questions call:–

Call 0117 932 1960

Can I drop off waste at Tom’s?
Customers will be asked to “weigh–in” on arrival and weigh again after tipping.

Tom’s “drop off” service is for everyone wishing to dispose of their waste responsibly.

Tipping instructions

  1. Drive up to the gates and wait at the barrier for it to open.
  2. Await instructions to drive onto the weighbridge then report to the office.
  3. Get weighed in, and receive instructions where to tip.
  4. Back on to the weighbridge to calculate the weight and price.
  5. A Ticket is produced and payment made.
  6. Please exit the site safely
weighbridge scales

Recycling Centre

Bristol Recycling Centre

At Tom’s we take recycling seriously.
For over 21 years we have built up relationships with many local businesses that will re–use and recycle nearly every different type of waste material that we collect. Rest assured that when you hand over your rubbish to Tom’s it will end up in the right place, giving you peace of mind and reducing environmental impact. We are aiming to recycle 100% of your rubbish and working hard towards this aim.

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