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Type 1 Bagged

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Tom provides affordable crushed stone aggregates for trade customers in Bristol and the surrounding area. He can deliver the aggregates loose or in dumpy bags, and he also offers a pickup and delivery service to Bath and Yate. If you are able to collect your own aggregates from Tom's yard, there is no delivery charge.

Type 1 Bagged

Good for:-

Type 1 aggregate is a crushed stone that is used in a variety of construction applications.

  • Base for roads, driveways, and other paved surfaces.
  • Concrete: Type 1 aggregate is a common ingredient in concrete.
  • Gravel: Type 1 aggregate is often used as gravel for paths, driveways.
  • Fill: Type 1 aggregate can be used as a fill material in a variety of applications, such as trench fills and backfills.

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Tom’s is closed now. Please use the Contact form

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Type 1 Bagged

Toms operates mainly in Bristol, Bath and the South West.
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Type 1 Bagged

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Please note that this is a rough guide and can’t be exact. For example moisture can effect the weight, and how much the material is compacted can effect the volume.

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