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Tom provides affordable Topsoil for domestic and trade customers delivered to you loose or in dumpy bags.
Tom delivers topsoil in Bristol and the surrounding area.
Including topsoil in Bath and topsoil in Yate.
So Tom’s topsoil really is top soil.

Use our handy calculator, see below, to work out how much Topsoil or Mulch you need.

Super Best Quality Topsoil sold in Bristol

Top Grade Topsoil

This top soil is our highest quality topsoil.
Screened to take out large stone and tree roots and mixed with PAS 100 Compost.
Used by professional landscapers and gardeners.
Gives new bedding plants, lawns and vegetables a great start.

Used For:–
Keen gardeners and professionals
Vegetable growers

Or just Call and let us know your requirements


  • Fine Screened to 10mm
  • Mixed with PAS 100 compost
  • Safe, fertile, quality topsoil loam
  • Blend of sand, silt and clay
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Amazing value
  • Kept undercover


  • FREE collection from Tom’s yard
  • For outside of Bristol & Bath Call 0117 932 1960

Or just Call and let us know your delivery requirements

There is topsoil for sale in Tom’s Yard and Recycle Centre.

So Call now for Delivery and Prices. 0117 932 1960

How much Topsoil OR Mulch do you need?


(Topsoil only)

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil, usually the top 2 inches (5.1 cm) to 8 inches (20 cm). It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the Earth’s biological soil activity occurs. Plants generally concentrate their roots in and obtain most of their nutrients from this layer. The actual depth of the topsoil layer can be measured as the depth from the surface to the first densely packed soil layer known as subsoil. To get good quality topsoil is a very slow process. Up to 100 years per inch. Topsoil is formed by the weathering of rocks and the subsequent addition of organic matter from decaying plants, and animals. Decaying plant matter adds nutrients and essential minerals to the soil that promote plant growth.

Where does Tom’s Topsoil come From?

Tom mainly gets his soil from land that has been landscaped or recently re–developed.

In this picture Tom is collecting soil from a development on the outskirts of north Bristol. The soil is nutrient rich but as you can see full of tree roots and there were large rocks too.

This is pre–screened topsoil that gets taken back to Tom’s Yard and Recycling centre for screening and storage.

Screened topsoil becomes B Grade and when it is finer screened it becomes Tom’s “A Grade”

Topsoil can be bought loose, in bags or even collected from Tom’s Yard.

grab truck collecting soil

How is screened Topsoil Made?

Tom has his own “Power Screener” that is busy working every day

The “Power Screener” is like a giant sieve that is used to separate the large stones, roots and anything else that might be in the soil.

  1. Unscreened topsoil is loaded into the hopper at the top of the screener.
  2. The topsoil then falls into the drum at the centre of the machine.
  3. As the drum rotates it sievies the soil and only fine soil falls through the sides of the ready for collection and storage.
  4. Large stones or organic material such as tree roots falls out of the end of the drum

After the the screening process the finely screened topsoil is then stored dry undercover.
With Tom you’re not paying for rainwater!

screening top soil

So as you can see Tom’s topsoil is responsibly sourced screened and checked to ensure it’s quality.
And all this at prices you can afford!!

Call and order topsoil today 0117 932 1960

Call and let us know your requirements

Want to know more? See the video: Video

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Toms Rubbish Clearance

You guys are great !, quick, punctual and thoroughly professional....thanks Tom!

0117 932 1960

Small Access Specialists

We are able to go anywhere that a normal car can go, for example narrow driveways between houses and places where there only access is down a narrow lane, because our Nissan Cabstars are only fifteen foot in length and 5 feet wide
But for really big loads we have larger trucks and Grab Crane Lorries on request.

Nissan Cabstar

How it works

Step 1. Phone Tom and discuss your Topsoil.

Tom provide a fast, friendly and affordable Topsoil for domestic and trade customers. His professional team load the truck for you and sweep up afterwards if necessary.

Tom also does:– drop off your waste at the Recycle Centre, Demolition, Skip Bag Hire and Collection, Tom also sells Topsoil – Loose or bagged, also have Grab Cranes for hire, and Unskilled Labour to help you.

Call Now for Topsoil
0117 932 1960
Or Email Address info@tomsrubbish.com

Step 2. Book a time for your Topsoil

Tom will send one of his trucks to you.
One of Tom’s Team will keep you informed when they are on their way. Any doubts, just call.
On arrival:-
Tom’s professional Topsoil team will turn up on time. Tom’s team will give you a price.
If you’re happy Tom’s team will carry out the work straight away.
Then tidy up, and sweep up if necessary.

Tom visits you. Local clearance

Step 3. Environmentally Friendly disposal.

Your waste is taken back at Tom’s Yard and Recycle centre. Tom is committed to minimising waste going to landfill and reducing the impact that your waste has on the environment. Recyclable materials get hand separated before being taken to dedicated recycling facilities.

Tom has a yard and recycle centre

Our Customers Love Tom

Toms Rubbish Clearance

You guys are great !, quick, punctual and thoroughly professional....thanks Tom!